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A staircase inserted in a compartment made of old masonry barrels, all different in size from the top to the bottom, where every staircase string follows the lines of the wall with maximum precision, keeping in the central part, the beautiful bottles of spumante.

In a narrow alley in the historic heart of Prato, our staircase formed by single elements weighing up to 200 pounds has changed the structure of an old shop linking all its three floors.

Furthermore, it is provided with a structure for an elevator entirely covered with metal sheets and frames.

Difficulties and struggles for the realisation of this project were linked to walls discrepancies and the installation of these heavy elements in a small and narrow environment.

The following project was carried out in a 15th-century castle situated on the hills around Florence. Here, our interventions varied from the most artistic ones, such as railings and stairs in wrought iron, to the more technical ones like doors and windows built following walls ancient architecture but employing their maximum strength and brightness, despite their massive dimensions.

In the estate’s beautiful and decorated garden, there are five pavilions all linked between them through arches forming a 50 m long path. Here, nature and iron melt together creating the perfect atmosphere where people can worship the breath-taking panorama.

This was a beautiful and challenging job that Berretti carried out with a great passion for three years.